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February 2018

Create A Window Covering That Aren’t Boring

If you think of window coverings, how would make it as attractive as it can be? Would you want it to look flashy or royalty? Whatever are your goals for your window coverings, we give you a salute for that. But, here’s a little tip for a Pinterest-perfect curtain, blinds, and shades for your home. Get your printer ready for this one.


Style your Roman shades


Roman shades are never boring. Match its color with your throw pillows or your bedroom’s color and the result is fantastic. Mix and match your Roman shades to change the ambiance in your room. Make it inviting and classy.


Choose printed shades like dogwood flowers to match the style of your master bedroom.  If you love your malachite private office, you can match that with a Verdant print Roman shades.


Play with patterns. A nice vertical patterned-wall is a good match with patterned Roman shades. But, don’t forget to coincide the colors.


Valances are never boring as window coverings


The nice thing about valances is that you can create any design of valance out from anything. For instance, you can turn your placemat into a valance. A creative idea can turn your valance into a unique window covering. You can also turn your simple fabric valance into an adorable and elegant valance. Why not try your pillowcase into a valance? Or if you have a burlap fabric, a stapler and voila, you’ll have a box-type simple valance.  Get an inspiration from Pinterest and you’ll find great valance designs that will match your character.


Create your curtains beautifully


Curtains are elegant in its own way. Nevertheless, there are ways and outstanding ideas that you can do with your curtains.


Others love the ombre style in their hair, why not make your old sheet sewn into an ombre-style curtain? Those stunning combined colors will give more appeal to your room. How about making use of your old scarves that you just hide in your closet? Tie a scarf in your window, and you’ll have a boring scarf hanging in there. But, tie 5 to six scarves, and you’ll have good beach-inspired coverings.


Shower curtains in your kitchen? Why not? Cut and sew those unused shower curtains and use it as a kitchen curtain. You’re not only putting color to your kitchen, but you’re also saving the environment.


Shutters aren’t just wooden windows


Shutters can give elegance to your home. It can also give more light to your room. If you want to stay stylish, why not add different colors in your shutters? A good countryside-like shutter can also bring life to your county life.

add different colors in your shutters


Get a free consultation at Blinds and Shades Austin


Your ideas are great and we love to make that into reality.  We love making blinds and shades and share it with you. There are different types of window coverings that you can choose from, curtains, Roman shades, blinds, valances, and window shutters. You give us your design, we’ll make it for you.


Call us today, and get that free consultation for your window coverings.


Beauty and Salon Services for You

Whether you are attending an important event or just going through your usual day in the office, it is always attractive and appealing to people when you suit up properly and look beautifully. The more you are confident with yourself, the more people will be magnetized to you.

One of the ways to boost that confidence is a well-done cut and style that fits your personality and looks best on you. It is important to look fabulous on a day to day basis and one way for that to happen is to let salon services accommodate your personal styling needs. Here are some of services that salon boutiques offer.

your cosmetic routine the same quality service they do for your hair


The most common service that all salons provide are the women’s, men’s and kid’s cut. This is suitable for all ages and style depends on the client’s preferred cut of choice. While professional barbers and hair stylists have their list of suggested cut and style, it is all up to the customer what his or her preference is.

This particular service includes a soothing shampoo with styling and a maintenance consultation. If you feel like the hairstyle doesn’t fit you after several weeks, then approach a stylist for their honest opinion and advice. More so, salon boutiques offer blowouts, up-dos, and deep conditioning treatments for dry and damaged hair.

Wax and Makeup

For ladies specifically, if you can’t find a family or friend that can do a well-done makeup or wax for you, then get a stylist to do it more professionally assuring that what they have in mind is for you to look wonderful. For waxing services it includes brow wax, chin wax and full face wax.

On the other hand, for you to glow inside and out, they have staffs that will service your cosmetic routine the same quality service they do for your hair or try and visit Bellisimo Hair Salon. You can also opt for a makeup class or makeup application. Whether you in a salon or in a hotel room getting ready for your next big event; there are stylists ready to attend to your personal cosmetic needs.

Men’s Services

Who said that looking great and incredible is just reserved for ladies? In order for men to attract attention, they must look confident and sharp with what they were and how they look overall. Salon boutiques provide men’s services that will transform your image from a boy to a gentleman.

No matter how simple or complex it is, from cut and style or a complete overhaul, these salon services are responsible to make you look good and fabulous the same way as all gentleman should. Men should also prioritize their physical image the same way women do.

common service that all salons provide are the women’s, men’s and kid’s cut

What You Can Do

As you can see, getting yourself look clean and proper takes a professional stylist. There are several things that you can do in order to avail of their services.
1. Listen to Stories – Before scheduling an appointment with a salon service, why not try to ask people around what they experienced in that particular salon. You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars only to find out about their poor service. Get your money’s worth by listening to other people’s stories.
2. Request An Appointment – After searching through the internet on a salon service, request an appointment and see for yourself the kind of job that they do. You can call them anytime and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
3. Personal Maintenance – Don’t just rely on the hands of professional stylists as it will cost you a lot bucks. For ladies, learn how to do personal cosmetic routines and be better at it.
Those are just some suggestions on what you can do personally. However, availing of salon services is recommended in order for you to look fabulous on your day to day agenda or for your next big event.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You with Your Dental Problems

What Are The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Whenever we think of dentists, we always associate them with pain, suffering, the end of the world, right? For some of us, maybe most of us, we would rather suffer from a toothache and the migraines and everything else that it includes rather than visit a dentist and have them check it.

Even now just as I am mentioning the thought, your whole body is probably shaking at the very thought. What if I told you that sedation dentistry is a great way to remove that anxiety and fear? Let me try to convince you. Continue on.

 What Are The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry (sometimes also called dental sedation) is simply the process which the dentist uses certain drugs or medication to aid the patient to relax while having a dental procedure. A lot of dentists even call this “sleep dentistry,” perhaps to make it easier for children to understand it.

Most dentists can administer this without any hitch, but you can ask to make sure. Dental sedation is pretty safe. Although if you have had a history of being obese or you have a case of obstructive sleep apnea, then inform the dentist to make sure it’s acceptable to continue.

Sedation is most suitable for patients who have some issues in the dentist’s clinic.

A few of these might be they may have a very low threshold of pain, others maybe have very delicate teeth and would flinch at the mere sight of the chair, for some, it may be impossible to make them be still in the chair (i.e. kids), and probably the most common reason for sedation dentistry is when a patient has a big procedure that needs to be done.

Methods of Sedation

There are also three main methods of sedation:

1. Oral – the drug or medication is taken through the mouth (sometimes through the nose). When a patient chooses this method, they have to take the medication immediately upon arriving as it may take 15-20 minutes for it to start working. This is the most popular method for the minimal sedation type.

2. Nitrous Oxide – more famously known as laughing gas (although you don’t really laugh if taken moderately). This is delivered by putting a mask over the patient’s face and then administering the mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Five minutes after, the patient is either very relaxed or half-asleep/awake. Pure oxygen is used to clear out the nitrous oxide after the procedure.

3. Intravenous – this is mostly used for the general anesthesia method. However, if a patient (usually a child) is scared of needles, they are given the nitrous oxide initially to relax and maybe fall asleep, and then the IV is given.

Types of Sedation

There are different types of sedation–minimal sedation (fully attentive but the body is relaxed); moderate sedation (you will not retain most of the memory of the procedure but you will sometimes still try to speak but words come out as mumbled); deep sedation (sometimes we call this being half-awake or half-asleep); and the last is the general anesthesia (100% out of consciousness and you remember and feel nothing).

Whatever the method or type of sedation is done, it has to be confirmed with the dentist before application.

 How Sedation Dentistry Can Help You with Your Dental Problems


Hopefully, I have given you many reasons not to be afraid to visit the dentist’s office soon. They are not the enemies, in fact, they only want to help you. So research a local dentist close to you and ask if they offer sedation dentistry.

Not only will this help in your anxiety and stress of going to the clinic, you will also alleviate those of your family and friends. So tell them of this type of dentistry and help them be aware as well. If you’re looking for the best nearby sedation dentist, then follow us now and get exclusive rewards!