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Best Memory Foam Mattress: Types vs. Prices

Are you sleeping on the right bed? Sleep is essential to every human being, especially to those who have loads of task daily. But a good sleep isn’t just around the corner and believe it or not, the bed where you’re lying down right now, plays a significant role in the “quality sleep” that your body needs.

People nowadays are switching from the ordinary to memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have been very popular to the market for it claims to mold itself depending on your body’s shape which is good for your posture and structure.

Some potential buyers are having a hard time choosing which memory foam mattress is the best for them because there are indeed lots of variations. Usually torn between choosing the type they want and the budget they have. But what is so critical about these types and prices? Below are ideas and information about these two variables.

memory foam mattress best prices

Memory Foam Mattress – Types of Foam

Memory foam mattresses have three different types of foam depending on what it is made of. The traditional foam is launched by NASA and is considered as the earliest version of memory foam. It is made of petroleum-based substances that react with temperature making it the lowest rated type of foam when it comes to heat dissipation, nevertheless, it is still the best when it comes to durability.

The second type is the Gel-infused foam which is a level-up version of the traditional type. Technically, this is just the traditional foam infused with gel substances making it less sensitive to heat.

The latest type is the plant-based foam which replaces the petroleum products with plant extracts and essential oils. This foam is not just ecologically beneficial; it is also the highest rated foam when it comes to heat dissipation, off gassing and response time.

Level of Density

The firmness level of the memory foam mattress depends on its density(check some futon mattress buying guide). You can choose whether you like a foam with a low, medium or high-density level but of course, each one has a different performance to one another.

Low-density foams usually measure 3 lbs/ft³. If you are one of those people who prefer softer beds than usual, then this one is the best for you. On the other hand, medium density foam with

a measurement at around 4-5 lbs/ft³, lies between softness and durability.

High-density foam is a good investment for people who are suffering from medical situations causing body pains and improper blood circulation. It measures a minimum of 6 lbs/ft³ and lasts longer among all the other types making it the highest rated foam density when it comes to durability.

The Price

A wise buyer considers not only the specifications but also the price. Making investments in necessary materials is a good thing but be sure that you always get what you pay for. The price of a memory foam mattress depends on the type of foam used, the density of the foam and of course, the brand of the mattress that you will be buying.

Based on reviews, the traditional memory foam is the cheapest of all the types while the plant-based is the most expensive one since it is also the highest rated type in terms of several factors such as heat dissipation, off gassing, response time and durability.

Take note that the higher the density level of the foam, the higher its durability and the higher the price. Tempurpedic, Amerisleep, and Serta iComfort offer different types of foam mattresses with the best (and totally reasonable) prices.

highest rated foam mattresses

Choosing the best product

The best memory foam mattress solely depends on what you want and what you need. Although durability is quite technical, the level of comfort is still a subjective matter.

Choosing the right bed is significant to your body and health in the long run. There are plenty of products available in the market. However, we want to help you find the best one for your needs and lifestyle. Visit our page to know more about us and the products that we offer.

Benefit a Great Deal from Choosing and Using the Right Pillows

Undisturbed sleep with right pillows

Pillows are an essential when getting hours-long of sleep or a quick nap or rest. Barely anyone can do without pillows.

Presented here are a guide to picking which pillow will be most appropriate for your needs, and some benefits which you gain from using the right pillow which you picked for yourself. This is especially taking into consideration that the pillow which is perfect fitting for you may not work with someone else.

How to Choose the Right Pillow for You

First off, ask yourself. Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? Which one are you, at least taking into account your most comfortable that you can last eight hours in that sleeping position?

If for the most part you are most comfortably lying and sleeping on your back, then you should look for a regular medium sized pillow of medium firmness. This will help in the adequate alignment of your head, neck and spine without having to tilt your head a little too upwards or the opposite instead it will just provide you with the right alignment of the body so as not to hurt yourself especially your spine.

If sleeping on your side is most comfortable for you, then you will need a pillow that is firm enough to keep your head and neck appropriately aligned with your spine.

Those of you who are constantly sleeping on their tummies are deemed to be needing relatively small amount of pillow support for the alignment of head, neck and spine. A flat and low pillow of sufficient softness will do.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right pillow for yourself is the materials of both the cover and the pillow fill. Keep in mind any allergies to synthetic materials, wool or feathers which you may have.

You can check out this pillow review from sleepinghamster so that it can help you in your scouring and hunting for the right pillow. It will be a great source and reference for you.

Comfortable sleep with pillows

The Advantages of Resting Your Head on a Pillow in Sleep or a Quick Rest

It is important to point out that there may be cases particularly of injuries or other ailments which do not allow for use of pillow to lie the head down on.

These are isolated cases.

Unless advised against by your physician, using pillows is definitely recommended most of the time.

Comfort provided for by pillows refrains you from moving too much in your sleep. Because you have the appropriate, if not perfect, pillow for you, your tendencies to be tossing and turning in bed while asleep will be diminished. You will not have to subconsciously find the right and comfortable position numerous times as you are strolling in dreamland.

Pillows are a basic support in your sleep to the head, neck, shoulders and spine. As basic as it may be, but alignment of these body parts and proper posture even in sleep are a must.

Have you ever woken up to a stiff neck? That may have been a result of awkward sleeping position or perhaps insufficient pillow support.

Using the Right Pillows for a Restful Sleep


Pillows are great for keeping you warm and do serve as something fluffy which you can hold onto as you sleep or rest but they are, first and foremost, essential and healthful as they keep the proper alignment of your mid torso.