Mix and Match: The Basics of Styling Your Kitchen Countertops

Styling Your Home Kitchen Countertops

The idea of mixing and matching your home kitchen countertops can be exciting although it can also be a little intimidating thinking how it might go wrong, not only in terms of style but more importantly in terms of the compatibility of the materials to be used. You would not want a bright and appealing kitchen with countertops on the verge of cracking and breaking apart because one material used in fact does not coordinate well when appended to the other type and then you find yourself blaming on your contractors.

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Still, it can be a fun change in the look and feel of your home environment. So why not turn the idea into reality?

You do not have to be a licensed interior designer at Floform. It will only take your good taste in home design and style in general, and a sprinkle of intuitive sense. Now, let us go over your guide checklist of the fundamentals in countertops mixing and matching. We just want to ensure that there will be no shade or tone of color ending up in the wrong spot ruining the entire look of your kitchen.

Different Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertop Setup

Mix and Match Without Sacrificing Functionality

Know your kitchen and know your use of your kitchen. Are you fond of cooking that you practically live in your kitchen? Are you messy when you work that there are water splashes, condiment spills and olive oil splatters here and there? Then you can opt for granite countertop as it withstands these traces and dashes of liquid, even knife scratches too. Particularly have stone countertop installed in areas where hard labor takes place. You can then integrate some quartz countertop which is just as durable for the purpose of embellishment and ornamentation.

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If you are into baking, marble countertop will best fit for your needs in preparation of ingredients for your bread and pastries since its eternally cool surface is highly resistant to heat.

Mix and Match to Strike a Balance, or to Achieve Deliberate Asymmetry in Your Kitchen

Choose a countertop that bears with it sophistication and luxury for your kitchen island in order to highlight it and then gather around it more subtle countertop materials. This will complement your whole kitchen with a very harmonious look.

On the other hand, asymmetry can just be as stylish as balanced consistency. Decide on creating a bold makeover move for your kitchen by having an elevated side bar or eating area that hovers over the kitchen island to overwhelm the center in a rather trendy, modern way.

Mix and Match High Contrast Colors

Experiment with colors and try placing a bright and smooth white marble countertop adjacent a heavily dark stonework with streaks of very light yet visibly elegant lime-colored granite.

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Go back and review your color wheel. Try placing bold shades of orange and of blue parallel to each other.

Pairing different kitchen countertops, while considering their materials for practicality and their colors and their designs for style and fashion, can make a dramatic transformation for your kitchen and home improvement. There are countless combinations to try out and to select from. You can go all bold and striking, elegant and timeless, or chic and modern, whichever it may be that is tasteful to your eyes. It is your place after all and so it is you who should be pleased first and foremost with your design choices.

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